Workshop Session IV – 2014

Friday, June 20th: Session IV

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number*.

4.2 — Ashley Morgan, Clemson University
Choosing the Right Technology for You and Your Students

4.3 — Melissa McCartney, Science / AAAS
Bringing Primary Scientific Literature into the Classroom

4.4 — Suzanne Thurston, AAAS
Science Netlinks – An Incredible Resource for Teachers and Students…and It’s Free!

4.5 — Samuel Polizzi, Kennesaw State University
Modeling Teacher Leadership Using an Online Venture/Vexation Scaffold

4.6A — Rayton Sianjina, Delaware State University
Recruitment Challenges Faced by the Noyce Scholarship Program at Delaware State University

4.6B — David R. Erickson, University of Montana
Sending the Best to Students Who Need Them the Most

4.7 — Rabia Shahbaz, University of Montana
Trajectory of a Noyce Scholar in a High-Need School:  From Novice Teacher to Exemplar

4.8 — Paige Evans, University of Houston
Physics by Inquiry:  Preparing Teachers for Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning

4.9 — Sheila Vaidya, Drexel University
Lessons Learned and Analysis:  Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Phase I and Phase II

4.10 — Gillian U. Bayne, Lehman College of CUNY
STEMELL:  Crafting a Science and Math Education Program Aligned to ELLs

4.11 — Monica Plish, American Physical Society
Sustaining Programs in the Physics Teacher Education:  A Study of PhysTEC Supported Sites

4.12 — William Hunter, Illinois State University
Midwest Noyce Project Caucus:  Building Communities of Practice

4.13A — Joanne Caniglia, Kent State University
I Have an App for That!  Apps that Support STEM Teachers

4.13B — Farrah Jackson, Elizabeth City State University
Making Your iPad Work for You

4.14 — Margaret Shain Stieben, American Physiological Society
Transforming Cookbook Labs into Inquiry Labs


*The following workshop was canceled during Session IV: 4.1