Workshop Session II – 2013

Thursday, May 30th: Session II

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number.

2.1A — Joshua Quansah, Lehman College
Partnerships That Could Enhance Students’ Learning and Progress in an Urban Setting

2.1B — Kevin Carr, Pacific University
Building Strong University-School District-Community Partnerships for Noyce Scholar Success (ppt)

2.2A — Leah McCoy, Caitlin Boone, and Allison Mousel, Wake Forest University
Reflective Teacher Leaders and Action Research

2.2B — Ruth Yopp-Edwards and Martin Bonsangue, California State University, Fullerton
Teaching Together: Teaching Fellows and Master Teaching Fellows Co-Teach in Middle School and High School Mathematics Classrooms (ppt)

2.3A — Keith Sheppard and Angela Kelly, Stony Brook University
A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Physics and Chemistry Accessibility in High Needs Schools (ppt)

2.3B — Paul Bischoff, SUNY-Oneonta
Towards a Greater Understanding of What it Means to be Committed to Teaching in a High-Need School (ppt)

2.4 — Arlene Russell and Jody Priselac, University of California
Recruiting Community College Transfers through Noyce Summer Internships

2.5 — Gina Eaton-Harris, Cleveland State University-CSUteach
Initiating Teacher Induction (pdf)
Workshop Materials (pdf)

2.6 — Gillian Roehrig and Barbara Billington, University of Minnesota
The Teacher Induction Network: Providing Continued Support to Teachers During Their First years of Teaching (ppt)

2.7 — Michael E. Beeth, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh; Erich Eifler, Middleton Cross Plains School District
A Project Based Approach to Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards

2.8 — Davida Fischman, CSU San Bernadino; Jennifer Lewis, Wayne State University
Algebraic Thinking Through the Grades: Focus on Structure (pdf)

2.9 — Rick Barlow, University of California, Santa Cruz
Using Mathematical Discourse Practices to Promote Equity

2.10 — Paul D. Heideman, College of William and Mary
Metacognition for Students: Helping Students Understand their Own Learning by Self-testing, While Also Teaching about Experimental Design, Controls, and Sources of Error (ppt)
Presentation in PDF (pdf)
Experiment-Sample-College-Freshmen_1 (pdf)
Experiment-Sample-College-Freshmen_2 (pdf)
Teachers Experiment Write-up (pdf)

2.11 — Michelle Romero, ASU STARR Noyce
Teaching with Cooperative Learning

2.12 — Viji K. Sundar and Tara D. Ribeiro, California State University, Stanislaus
An A-Z Guide for Developing and Implementing a Successful Noyce Scholarship Program (ppt)

2.13 — Regina Toolin and Beth White, University of Vermont
Science and Social Justice: Promoting Authentic Projects in Secondary Classrooms (pdf)

2.14A — Janice B. Fournillier and Christine D. Thomas, Georgia State University
Managing Large Sets of Data in a Phase II Project

2.14B — Melissa McCartney and Pamela J. Hines, AAAS/Science
Bringing Primary Scientific Literature into the Classroom (ppt)

2.15 — Brittany Cuff, University of Southern California, Math for America
HiGHPad: Transforming Math with iPad®