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June 2013

AAAS News: June 26th

Next Generation Science Standards Represent a New Approach, Malcom Tells Noyce Scholars

UMass Dartmouth Noyce Scholars Share Survival Tips for First-Year Teachers

This press release describes a summer institute recently launched by the UMass Dartmouth Noyce program to recruit undergraduates to become STEM teachers.

Press Release UMass Dartmouth


April 2013

A Downstream Pathway into Teaching

The Noyce program is highlighted in this article about alternative certification programs.

AAAS Science Careers

April is Mathematics Awareness Month

As part of this year’s theme, the Mathematics of Sustainability, there will be two nationwide initiatives:

(1) Sustainability Counts! provides K–16 math educators and students with model lessons that connect mathematics and sustainability. The showcase lesson is the Energy Challenge where students learn about the mathematics of energy use in their school/college and then develop and implement an action plan to reduce energy use.

(2) Speakers’ Bureau offers names of mathematicians, scientists, and sustainability professionals who can speak to school audiences on the sustainability of mathematics. Free posters and other resources are available.

Bonnie Lasorsa, Master Teaching Fellow in NSF TEACH! SouthCoast Program, Wins PBS Innovator Award

Bonnie Lasorsa, a 7th grade math teacher at Wareham Middle School, earned the award for her Ladder of Success curriculum, part of the school’s iPad pilot program which utilizes apps to help students demonstrate their understanding of Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Bonnie is part of the NSF Noyce program at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Listen to Bonnie talk about the Ladder of Success curriculum.
Read about the PBS Innovator Award.