Workshop Session I – 2013

Thursday, May 30th: Session I

Workshop Sessions are listed by session number*.

1.1A — Linda Coats and Jianzhong Xu, Mississippi State University
Developing Confident Elementary Science Teachers: Mentoring Strategies from Exemplary Teachers

1.1B — Andre M. Green and Jeanell Calhoun, University of South Alabama
The Importance of Mentoring: Perspectives of a Beginning Teacher

1.2B — Joanne Caniglia, Kent State University
Broadening Capacity Through Pairing Noyce Scholars with NSF Projects

1.3A — Lienne Medford, Clemson University
Working with At-Risk Youth at an Early College: An Innovative Teacher Preparation Model

1.3B — Frederick W. Freking, University of Southern California
Going Online and Staying Connected to Urban K-12 Schools: The Strengths and Challenges of an Online Noyce Program (pdf)

1.4A — Douglas O’Roark, University of Chicago
The UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program: 5 Years from Pre-Service through Induction (ppt)

1.5 — Sheila R. Vaidya, Drexel University; Lisa Gonsalves, University of Massachusetts at Boston; and Gregory Phelan, SUNY College at Cortland
Noyce Regional Conferences: Lessons Learned and Best Practices (ppt)

1.6 — Jim Matthews and Emily Casey, Siena College
Three Innovative Noyce Program Components (ppt)

1.7 — Neil Portnoy and Sharon McCrone, University of New Hampshire
Supporting New Teachers by Enhancing Knowledge for Teaching High School Mathematics (pdf)

1.8 — Suzanne Thurston, AAAS
Science Netlinks – An Incredible Resource for Teachers and Students…and It’s Free (pdf)

1.10 — Karen Nave, Kimberly Tobey, Thomas Hagen, and Albert Dyke, Rio Salado College
Innovative Practices and Teacher Preparation for “Re-Careering” STEM Professionals (pdf)

1.11 — Paige K. Evans and Geoffrey Hart, University of Houston
Increasing the Potential of Physics and Chemistry Teachers through Formal and Informal Experiences

1.13 — Kellie Evans, California State University, Northridge
GeoGebra for Secondary Mathematics Teachers (pdf of Presentation)
Workshop Materials

1.14 — Paul Beardsley, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; Julie Allender, Eva Isett, and Elizabeth Mercado, Ontario-Montclair School District
Practicing Teacher Leadership for Middle School Science Using the Lenses of Student Thinking and the Science Content Storyline (pdf)

1.15 — Sumter Link, University of South Carolina
Engineering Isn’t Hard: Understanding What is Meant by the E in STEM


*The following workshops were cancelled during Session I: 1.2A, 1.4B, 1.9, and 1.12