Evaluating Student Perceptions on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

  • NSF Award #1439751
  • Registration Current Noyce Scholar

  • First Name Nicquala
  • Last Name Shields

  • Discipline Math
  • Institution Savannah State University


College students perception in the teaching and learning of mathematics are an important factor in determining a student’s math achievement (Code and Merchant, 2016). Data on mathematics achievement from the National Assessment of Educational Progress illustrates that national trends in mathematics achievement have experienced significant changes in recent years. Students perception of mathematics and its value in their life often has a direct relationship to their achievement. Affective aims should not be neglected, as this value is the most important element in raising mathematics teaching and learning qualities (Seah, 2002). This mixed methods study explores college students perceptions of effective mathematics teaching and learning at the post-secondary level. Participants who are early in their teacher preparation program were recruited from math classes at an Historically Black College and University in the state of Georgia. Participants reinforced the literature that knowing both the how and why of mathematics is important to them. Delivery of content was also prevalent in the discussions and supported recent research that ties course delivery and effective teaching strategies with math achievement and an increased positive relationship with the subject of math itself. The desire for effective mathematics instruction while in high school and ongoing support of math instruction learning while at the university level was identified as impediments to learning mathematics at the university level. Participants perception and descriptions of the teaching and learning of mathematics support the current literature regarding effective mathematics instruction. It also provides more insight to the current state of mathematics instruction at the high school level.

Posted on July 4, 2018