Comparative Analysis of Instructor Involvement in Inquiry Instruction

  • NSF Award #1240073
  • Registration Master Teaching Fellow

  • First Name Adam
  • Last Name Francis

  • Discipline Other:: Environmental Science
  • Institution University of Colorado
  • School Name and District Currently Teaching Frederick High School - St Vrain Valley School District


This study compares two approaches to inquiry instruction in a high school environmental science classroom. Students from Advanced Placement and general level courses completed a problem-based case study about farm workers exposed organophosphate pesticides. In order to determine the relative efficacies of more and less guided inquiry instruction for each student population, two instructional approaches were employed. Individual classes completed the lesson with either high instructor involvement and instructor determined data collection protocols or lower instructor involvement and student generated data collection protocols. Data collected include pre-test/post-test scores and responses to a claim evidence reasoning prompt.

Posted on July 4, 2018