Buckets and Rocks

  • NSF Award #1557396
  • Registration Current Noyce Scholar

  • First Name Elizabeth
  • Last Name Doran

  • Institution University of Arizona South
  • School Name and District Currently Teaching Center for Academic Success - Sierra Vista, AZ


Fifty years-ago the National Science Foundation and the University of California embarked on a voyage to uncover the treasure buried under the sea. The Glomar Challenger set out to drill deep into the oceanic crust and bring back core samples. Samples totaling more than 97,000 meters in length were recovered and studied. The information revealed changed our understanding of the world we live in.
The lesson plan presented in this poster will show you how much fun the students have during our simulated experience on board the ship and the sometimes messy process of analyzing the data they find in the samples. The real world challenges begin as they struggle to establish the phenomena represented and formulate hypotheses to explain the evidence that they pulled from the ocean floor just the day before!
It might just help a student decide on a career in the world of STEM!

Posted on July 4, 2018