An Overview of the University of Iowa Noyce Program-Challenges and Opportunities

  • NSF Award #1557346
  • Registration Current Noyce Scholar

  • First Name Kyle
  • Last Name Kerger

  • Discipline Biology
  • Institution University of Iowa


The primary mission of the University of Iowa Noyce Scholarship is to develop pre-service science teachers so that they have the necessary skills to meet the ever-increasing needs of this nation’s students. The Noyce program is able to do this by providing unique professional development opportunities such as volunteering with school aged students, other pre-service teachers, meetings with leading professionals within the field of education, and collaborating with fellow Noyce Scholars. The University of Iowa Noyce program continues to seek innovative opportunities for scholars and education students. Recruiting efforts are being made in order to expand and invite individuals who would be interested in teaching. In order for us scholars to better steward the profession of science education.

Posted on July 4, 2018