Noyce Scholar Profiles

Chris Duran

Undergraduate major or graduate field of study: M.A., Mathematics

Subject area(s) and grade level teaching focus: Mathematics, grades 7-12

Category of stipend/stipend/fellowship:
Noyce teacher fellow

Name of Institution:
California State University San Bernardino

Current academic or teaching status:
2nd year teaching

School and school district:
King Middle School, San Bernardino City Unified SD


This is my first year as a Noyce Teaching Fellow and my second year teaching 8th grade mathematics. Before teaching middle school, I earned a B.A. and an M.A. in mathematics from California State University San Bernardino. In addition, I’ve taught several Algebra and pre-Algebra courses at the college level.

Why do you want to teach:

I chose to enter teaching because I enjoy learning mathematics, and I enjoy helping people learn mathematics. While teaching, there are always opportunities for me to deepen my understanding of the subject. I then use this knowledge to help my students deepen their understandings.

Describe a memorable teaching experience:

One memorable teaching experience was during our Noyce lesson study. All the teaching fellows from my program came to my classroom for a lesson. Another teacher delivered the lesson. Eight other Noyce members and I observed the lesson and my students. To see my students from a different perspective was rewarding. I was able to see student interactions that I usually am unaware of. I was able to see how my students respond to a different type of personality in a teacher. After reflecting on the experience with the other Noyce members, I discovered many ways I can improve my teaching and my classroom environment.

What does the Noyce program mean to you:

The Noyce program has given me a tremendous amount of support. Having the opportunity to regularly meet with other Noyce members at seminars and during lesson studies has had many positive effects. As a fairly new teacher, the support is very encouraging.


Posted on November 21, 2010