Submission Period: November 3 – December 19, 2014
Review Period: January 6 – 20, 2015
Final Selection Announced: February 3, 2015

The Noyce Connection: Building a Community of Science and Mathematics Teacher Educators

Nominate a NSF Noyce Scholar Alumni for the Voices from the Field Video Series


About the Voices from the Field Video Series

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is seeking nominations of National Science Foundation (NSF) Noyce Scholar alumni who are now K-12 STEM teachers for the Voices from the Field Video Series. This series is being developed and produced as part of the NSF-funded project — The Noyce Connection: Building a Community of Science and Mathematics Teacher Educators. The video series is based on the Voices from the Field panel, which is presented annually at the NSF Noyce Conference, and features Noyce Scholar alumni currently teaching in high needs schools.

This project, produced with The Colella Group, will include:

  • Individual interviews with 7 Noyce Scholar alumni who teach in various high needs schools around the United States. Each interview will be provided as a standalone video, which will be featured online as a short vignette.
  • A compilation video of up to 30 minutes providing a program overview and interviews with all 7 Noyce Scholar alumni.
  • A 5 minute recruitment video for use by Noyce grantees.
  • Finally, a 3-5 minute promotional video.

The uses and audience for these videos include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A program overview that provides general information about Noyce, highlights of the Noyce Program alumni, and the impact that the program is having on STEM teacher production for high needs districts.
  • A recruiting device, to be used by the Noyce awardees, to get students and prospective students excited about enrolling in Noyce teacher preparation programs.
  • A public awareness tool that highlights the impact of the Noyce Program for use in presentations for school, government, peer, and community programs.



Nominations must be made by a Noyce grantee. Noyce grantees may submit more than one nominee.

The nominee(s) should be a NSF Noyce alum who  is an exceptional K-12 STEM teacher and has been teaching for at least three years in a high needs school.  The nominee must also be committed to a long-term career as a K-12 STEM teacher. Such commitment and extraordinary effort may be demonstrated by:

  • The effective implementation of teaching strategies that have resulted in improved mathematics and science learning in their classroom.
  • Effective and innovative strategies that encourage and support students in their mathematics and science classes.
  • Assisting students with extracurricular STEM clubs or activities.
  • Helping other teachers in their school to improve mathematics and science education in their classrooms.
  • Helping other NSF Noyce alumni to improve their mathematics and science teaching.


Review Criteria

Review criteria include: intellectual merit; excellence in STEM teaching; evidence of originality, initiative, and productivity in STEM teaching; and the potential for a long-term career in STEM teaching.

Selection criteria will include the Nominee’s:
  1. Positive impact(s) in science and mathematics learning in her/his classroom or school;
  2. Ability to inspire, engage, and challenge students to learn science and mathematics;
  3. Commitment to providing extracurricular science and mathematics activities in her/his school;
  4. Commitment to improving science and mathematics education in her/his school; and
  5. Commitment to a long term career as a K-12 STEM teacher.

Nominations will be reviewed by the project advisory groups, AAAS, The Colella Group, and NSF Program Directors.

Online Submission Requirements

The online nomination materials should address the review and selection criteria and must include:

  • A Letter of recommendation from the Noyce project faculty or staff summarizing why the Noyce Scholar alum should be included in the video series (no more than 750 words);
  • A Letter of recommendation from the school principal, including a statement that the Noyce Scholar alumni can be videotaped in the school once all consent forms have been obtained (no more than 750 words);
  • A letter from the Noyce Scholar  indicating: (1) why she/he is willing to be included in the video series; (2) a description of her/his STEM teaching strategies and accomplishments in STEM teaching;  (3) information on how she/he motivates and supports student learning in STEM; and (4) her/his plan for a career in STEM teaching (no more than 750 words);
  • A 2-page resume of the nominee that includes information about teacher certifications, awards, and honors;
  • The nominee’s college and university transcript(s). Transcripts should be sent to Yolanda S. George, AAAS, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005; and
  • The demographics of the nominee’s school (race/ethnicity, gender, eligibility for free and reduced lunch, etc.) –This information can be copied from the school system and uploaded.

All letters, statements, and documents should be a PDF that is typed and double spaced, 8-1/2” x 11” with 1” margins. The font should be a standard 12-point size or larger.

The video development process will include pre-interviews with Noyce Scholar alumni, reviews of scripts, rough cuts, and video revisions by AAAS and NSF staff, Noyce Scholar alumni, Noyce grantee, and the school principal.

The video series is the property of AAAS.

Information for Online Submission Tool

1. About the Nominee

Name of Nominee
School Name
School Address
City, State, Zip
School Telephone Number
Home or Cell Phone Number
Email Address
Grade Level Taught {Elementary (K-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)}
Number of Years Teaching Science and Mathematics
Number of Students in School Where Nominee Teaches
Type of School Where Nominee Teaches (Public, Private, Urban, Rural, Suburban, Other)

2. About the School Principal

Name of School Principal
Telephone Number
Email Address

3. About the Nominator

NSF Noyce Grant Number
Telephone Number
Email Address

Letters, statements, resume, and school demographic information will be in the form of a PDF uploaded to the online system.