Community Webinars

Submission Period: November 3 – December 19, 2014
Review Period: January 6 – 20, 2015
Final Selection Announced: February 3, 2015

Request for Noyce Interactive Webinar Proposals

About the Noyce Community Webinar Series

As part of the NSF-funded project — The Noyce Connection: Building a Community of Science and Mathematics Teacher Educators, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is seeking abstract proposals for three interactive webinars that will be offered in Spring 2015. The goals of the webinars are to share and exchange ideas about effective programs, discuss successful practices, and develop strategies for attracting, mentoring, and retaining K-12 science and mathematics teachers in high needs schools.

The target audience for the webinars includes but is not limited to: STEM and Education faculty and administrators, Noyce Scholars, Fellows, and Master Teacher Fellows, evaluators/education researchers, and school district faculty and administrators.


Webinar categories include:
  • Teacher recruitment and marketing strategies;
  • Developing an effective student/fellow selection process;
  • Teacher certification programs, including alternative certification;
  • Developing new teacher preparation programs and activities (institutional capacity building);
  • Effective curriculum resources;
  • Strategies for teaching in high needs schools;
  • Developing an infrastructure that supports new teachers;
  • Strategies for retaining teachers in high need schools;
  • Strategies for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Noyce required teaching commitment;
  • Evaluation of teaching programs;
  • Developing and designing research on effective teaching practices;
  • Building partnerships with high needs schools; and
  • Other.

Webinars may include presenters from one or more institutions.

Webinars are audio only presentations that should last 60, 75, or 90 minutes, and must include a Q&A session every 20 minutes of the presentation. These webinars should be engaging and can include presenter-led exercises, survey polls, and voting.

Webinar proposals will be reviewed by the AAAS Noyce Advisory Board, NSF Program Directors, and AAAS staff. Review criteria are outlined below.

If selected, the project staff and NSF Noyce Program Directors will work with the presenters on the final development of the webinar title, learning outcomes, description, and related pre- and post-evaluation questions.

AAAS staff and consultants will handle webinar registration and promotion, coaching, and the preparation of moderator/speakers. A practice webinar will be done with AAAS staff and NSF Program Directors before the final presentation. AAAS’ usual webinar provider is ON 24 (


Information for Webinar Submission
  • Title of the webinar;
  • Length of the webinar with Q&A (60, 75 or 90 minutes);
  • Name of webinar organizer;
  • Institution of webinar organizer;
  • Email of webinar organizer;
  • Phone number of webinar organizer;
  • Intended audience for the webinar;
  • Webinar category (please select one – submission tool will have a drop-down menu);
  • Presenters’ names and institutions;
  • A brief description of each presenter’s background addressing the presenter(s) qualifications for leading the proposed webinar (no more than 150 words each);
  • Learning outcomes of the webinar (Provide 3-4 learning outcomes that can be used in the pre- and post-evaluations);
  • General description of the topics and challenges to be discussed in the Webinar (no more than 300 words);
  • Evidence that the practice or strategies to be discussed are effective or promising (no more than 300 words);
  • A brief description of participant engagement strategies (no more than 100 words);
  • Types of audience engagement that will be used (100 words or less)
  • A statement indicating why this webinar is important to the Noyce community. (no more than 150 words); and
  • List of key references and related resources for the webinar.


Eligibility (who can submit a webinar proposal)

STEM discipline faculty and education faculty and staff and consultants.


Webinar Review Criteria
  • Relevance for Noyce Community;
  • Well-structured and clearly written learning outcomes;
  • Well-structured and clearly written description;
  • Clear rationale for why the topic merits attention by the Noyce Community;
  • To what extent are the practices or strategies described in the abstract evidenced-based;
  • To what extent are the practices or strategies described in the abstract innovative, leading-edge, cutting-edge;
  • Clear and appropriate target audience; and
  • Potential of Webinar to generate audience participation.